Sustainable development

Our Mission

We aim for our activities to contribute to a more just, equal, and inclusive society, where we continuously improve our environmental impact on the journey to a net zero, circular economy.

Our approach

We established sustainability goals to help us deliver on our sustainable development mission.

We recognize our responsibility not just to create economic value, but also to promote a more inclusive economy, where globally diverse stakeholders benefit, and the value contributes to environmental and social good. Using the concept of "double materiality," or how our business both impacts and is impacted by environmental and social issues, we identified our focus areas as:

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Social and economic inclusion

Promote respect for human rights across the value chain, improve workforce diversity, and invest in positive social impact.

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Environment and climate

Reduce resource use, partner with suppliers to improve environmental impact, and lower our carbon footprint.

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Circular economy

Help enable the market for sustainable products and collaborate to end plastic waste in the environment.

Tricon Sustainability
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Responsible Sourcing and Product Stewardship

Integrating ESG performance into decision-making

The Responsible Sourcing & Product Stewardship Standard outlines Tricon's commitments and our expectations for those who provide us goods and services. The standard reflects our ambition to create positive social and environmental change beyond our own boundaries and contribute to a more just, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable society. We ask our suppliers and partners in the value chain to support this ambition.

Our People

We recognize that our people are our greatest resource and strive to create a work environment that promotes inclusivity, respect, belonging, and well-being.

This means working to improve diversity and representation and providing employees with a variety of benefits, development opportunities, and flexibility to balance work and family commitments.

We are committed to respecting human rights, worker welfare, and community and employee health, safety, and physical and cyber security both in direct operations and through our leverage across product handling, storage, and logistics.

Our Communities


Tricon Cares

Our community engagement strategy extends our sustainability initiatives to the community, investing in social programs and partnerships that support our commitments to inclusion, environmental protection, and circular economy.

Our employees also “give back” locally through our volunteer and fundraising program, “Tricon Cares.” We encourage employees to contribute their time, energy, and resources to support their community.

Environment and Climate

Environmental responsibility at Tricon means reducing our resource use in offices, partnering with our supply chain, and aligning our business with climate goals.

We measure our environmental impact and encourage employees to participate in our "work sustainably" campaign focused on waste and energy use. See our Responsible Sourcing approach for more on how we address impacts in the value chain.

Our environmental actions also focus on responding to climate risk and reducing our carbon footprint across scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. Tricon achieved net zero emissions in scope 1 and 2. We are committed to better addressing scope 3 reductions and product carbon footprint, in collaboration with industry and other stakeholders.

Circular Economy

A key pillar of our Sustainability Strategy is to “Enable a More Circular Economy.”

To Tricon, contributing to a more circular economy means increasing stakeholder awareness and education on the environment and leveraging our business position to help develop the market for circular products. Our objectives under this pillar will focus on:

  • Reducing single use material in operations
  • Developing circular infrastructure and capabilities in communities
  • Participating in local clean-up events through Tricon Cares
  • Building a trading portfolio of circular, renewable, and low carbon products. Learn more about our sustainable product business here.

Our Policies & Guidelines

Sustainability Policy

Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Compliance Guide

UK Tax Strategy

Responsible Sourcing & Product Stewardship Standard