May 2016

Tricon Energy Celebrates 20 Years

It seems only yesterday 20 years ago when Tricon open it’s doors in Panama, and we did with less of a plan and more of a will to commit ourselves entirely to build Tricon as a leader in the commodity trading. Focusing on hard work and common sense, with discipline, austerity, and committed to bring better alternatives to our commercial partners using terrific service, transparency and trustworthiness as our value and with solid profits as the only acceptable goal of that philosophy.

With that flag we have realize terrific achievement, the kind of results that looking backwards give you a bit of a vertigo if one knew where we are coming from and where we are today. Who would had thought after a fusion would brought was a revenue of $14million with less than 90,000 MT we would be looking on our twenty years anniversary year to 60,000,00 MT and a $33Billion in revenue in the last 20 years combined. We charter over thousand voyages and move over half million containers and keep growing. Today we reach every corner in the world and our products are being ship to hundreds of ports.

New product lines, distribution, reaching the small clients directly or through our JV Partners, recently launch of a shipping venture all of them to reaffirm a commitment to all the steps of the supply chain.

And today Tricon is the most diversify trading company in our league. The same vision is soaked into our supporting DNA shaping the tools and giving us an edge on the market; credit line, finance cost, pre-finance, credit insurance, a back-office team with 24/7 support, and all of this a fraction of the cost vs our competitors.

And we also work for the future, forming tomorrow leaders in the different programs of the company and we are immensely proud of all of this, and Tricon Care is our instrument to remind us that our success is only complete when is platform to give back to society.

And today the same flag that lead the opening 20 years ago remains higher than ever, we will never accept to be another one or part of the crowd we will always, no matter the cost, the criticism, or the competition we will remain loyal to our founding spirit in the search for excellence, for perfection and to be the best we can be, aiming a Nº 1 as the only acceptable place for us nor because it sounds good but because we deserve all this to each other.


Tricon Energy CEO

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