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Since Tricon’s founding in 1996, the growth has been exponential. Tricon continuously strives to expand in both existing and new markets.


$8.1bn Sales

In 2017, Tricon had record sales of $8.1 billion.

14.4m Physical Volume (MT)

In 2017, Tricon had moved record volume of 14.4 million metric tons.

5 Business Units

Tricon has 5 distinct business units, under which we sell over 200 products.

109 Countries

Tricon sold to more than 100 counties in 2017, expanding our global reach.

Split by business unit

2017 Physical Volume

14.4 million metric tons sold in total.

Company growth

Tricon was founded in 1996 with an initial focus on liquid chemicals and petrochemicals.  Over the past two decades, we have grown significantly both in terms of our product offerings and our global coverage.  We expanded into Plastics in 2007, Dry Bulk in 2014, Fuels in 2015 and Fertilizers and Raw Materials in 2017. Our growth was built around our commitment to providing value to our business partners through logistics, risk management, finance, and market intelligence services. We have continued to grow our business both by expanding existing product lines and also through expansion into related markets.  Over the past five years our revenues have more than doubled, and our volumes have nearly tripled.



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