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Sustainable Products

Sustainable Product Families

Our vision for Sustainable Products is to build a rich set of options that complements our core product portfolio. Toward this end, the Sustainable Products business consists of three overarching product families:


Products that are associated with the processing of post-use materials.


Products derived wholly or partially from renewable feedstock, including biomass, industrial bio-waste or municipal bio-waste.

Low Carbon

Products that enable carbon neutrality or reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to baseline or industry averages.

tricon sustainability diagram

Frequently asked questions...

  1. Where are Tricon’s Sustainable Products available?

    We are working to develop sources of supply in multiple geographies so that we can very efficiently service the globe just as we do with our core portfolio. Since we are continuously growing our supplier base, please contact us so that we can best address your interests.

  2. What does "sustainable" products mean?

    For several decades, Tricon has offered products in our core portfolio that meet the needs of our customers and society. Many of these products in the core portfolio have historically enabled improvements in sustainability versus alternative materials. For example, the polymers in Tricon’s core portfolio enable downgauging and light weighting. The Sustainable Products business aims to focus on three trends that provide even further improvements in sustainability via circular economy solutions, renewable content, and improvements in greenhouse gas emissions versus the status quo.

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