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Dry Bulk

The dry bulk team originated from providing refiners and users of petroleum coke added value in meeting each other’s needs. Our efforts focus on providing expertise in the handling, transportation and management of the products we trade. While the head of the group sits in the US, the group spans Tricon’s offices worldwide, utilizing strategic key people in each region to facilitate a seamless transaction locally.


3% Sales

The dry bulk business unit comprised 3% of total sales in 2017.

2.5m Physical Volume (MT)

In 2017, dry bulk sold over 2.5 million metric tons.

4 Products

The dry bulk business unit sold 4 distinct products in 2017.

11 Countries

In 2017, Tricon sold dry bulk products to 11 countries worldwide.

Managing Director

Gene Mitchell

Houston, TX

The emergence of Tricon into dry bulk began with petroleum coke and has now grown to several different products delivering more than 2.5 million metric tons annually. The team was established by Gene Mitchell who spent almost twenty years with Koch Carbon covering the global markets. Gene is now responsible for Tricon’s dry bulk business unit which is one of the five main silos within Tricon Energy. The unit includes petroleum coke, bauxite, cementitious products, met coke and salt.

Frequently asked questions...

  1. Why Tricon for your dry bulk needs?

    One word: Value. We provide value added for both the producers and the consumers. While not an easy task, we are able to utilize our supply chain resources to provide better value to both the producers and end consumers keeping the product flow at minimal costs and direct.

    Contractual Excellence: Ease of contractual administration and execution by a very well versed team in contractual negotiations is a guarantee. Flexibility, understanding, responsibility, professionalism and reasonableness are all part of the contractual negotiation process for our business partners.

    Experience: Selling more than 2.5 million metric tons per year makes our team highly skilled and experienced. Our colleagues are experts in their commodities, bringing invaluable experience to Tricon. While we provide our less experienced talent time for growth through our mentoring program, Tricon Academia, the decision rights remain with each experienced and tenured expert in the field. The freight team is chartering more than 200 vessels annually ranging in size from coastal vessels of 5,000 metric tons to cape vessels moving more than 135,000 metric tons in one shipment. The combination of talent at all levels, enthusiasm for our business every day, and pride to be the best ensure excellence for our business partners.

  2. The company headquarters is in Houston and my time zone is on the other side of the world. How is this managed?

    Tricon is a team which consists of nearly 500 colleagues working to ensure customer satisfaction. We utilize the closest office to always make sure there is a local point of contact to ensure the ease of transaction for each business partner.

  3. What is the history of the product line?

    Petroleum coke has many different applications across the global economy. The primary uses are for power generation, in the cement making process as well as in making steel, glass and alumina. i. Tricon Dry Bulk has grown from starting back in 2014 with Petroleum coke adding a senior team to help develop this group for the company. We have grown into a team off over 15 people covering now multiple dry bulk products and doing over 8 million tons a year of dry bulk commodities. Along with the product growth the team now has a chartering team dedicated to Dry bulk that helps provide value to our customers and help leverage our volumes with owners. ii. Bauxite is mined and used in the alumina smelting process and ties in well with our caustic soda business. iii. Our salt is used in the chlor-alkali process in making caustic and chlorine as well as de-icing roads.

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