December 2019

Tricon is running for a world free of Alzheimer's - Turkey Marathon

Tricon Cares continues to run for Alzheimer's, with the second marathon in Istanbul completed by 26 participants from the Tricon  Turkey team.

With tremendous support from our donors, the kilometers flew by. We managed to raise around 118k USD from the Istanbul  Marathon, and globally, we are at 54% of our target with four more marathons to go!

2020 just started and the first marathon of the year will be held in Mumbai, India. We will be represented by several runners based in our Mumbai offices. 

Thank you again for your generosity. We will continue to provide updates as we move closer to achieve our goal.

Below next races:

January 2020- Mumbai,India

April 2020 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

November 2020 - Shanghai, China

January 2021 - Houston,  USA



For Corporations wishing to donate, we have sponsorships available in the brackets listed below.

We would love to have your company name displayed on our jerseys while we run!

The greater the donation, the bigger the logo!

Bronze $1,000
Silver $4,000
Gold $7,000
Platinum $10,000


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