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Tricon Energy Joins TfS to Advance Responsible Sourcing

Tricon is committed to improving our environmental and social performance and contributing to a more inclusive and circular economy.  As part of that commitment, we are proud to announce that we have joined Together for Sustainability (TfS), a leading chemicals industry initiative for sustainable supply chains. TfS provides a platform to mature our responsible sourcing program and engage the value chain on product carbon footprint. We look forward to collaborating with the chemical industry on this journey toward a net zero and sustainable future.

Bertrand Conquéret, President, Together for Sustainability, noted, “I warmly welcome the Tricon Energy team to the TfS family. The arrival of Tricon Energy strengthens TfS’ global position. Together and with our strategic partners we will continue to expand our reach and increase our impact on the sustainability performance in chemical supply chains around the world. Given the regulatory landscape, the climate challenge, and market conditions, the need for sustainable businesses is only increasing. TfS is the crucial factor in making supply chains and businesses in general more sustainable and resilient and contributing to the development of a better world.”


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