February 2024

Tricon Energy and Chempolymers International Launch Joint Venture

Houston, Texas – Tricon Energy (“Tricon”) has announced the successful formation of Trichem Central America, LLC, a joint venture with its commercial partner, Chempolymers International, a Central America-based distributor of polymers.

Tricon has been present in the Central America market since 2012. Together with Chempolymers' 24 years of experience in the region, this venture combines their expertise to deliver greater value to the market. Both companies have worked closely together as commercial partners for nearly a decade, supporting a diverse customer base with a wide range of products. Chempolymers will cease its operations in the area and exclusively conduct business through the joint venture.

Trichem Central America, LLC will provide domestic distribution services across Central America, delivering efficient logistics with local warehouses to better support their customers.

Rafael Gerlein, Tricon’s Regional Director for the Americas, noted, “This new venture represents a step forward in Tricon’s global growth plans and our commitment to continuing the expansion of our presence in the distribution of polymers in the Americas. We are thrilled to partner with the Chempolymers team, and we look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality and reliable services to the market. Balmore Quintana will lead the newly formed entities, and under his leadership, we aim to foster a culture of entrepreneurship, empowering our people to drive the transformation of polymer marketing and distribution in Central America.”

Balmore Quintana, CEO of Chempolymers, noted, “We are excited to continue growing our partnership with Tricon by creating this joint venture and adding value for our customers and employees. We look forward to maintaining the growth trajectory Chempolymers has achieved in the last two decades, as we look to the future with Trichem Central America. Tricon has been a key part of our success, and together we aim to combine our expertise and solidify our leadership in Central America.”


Balmore Quintana, CEO of Chempolymers International, 

Rafael Gerlein, Tricon’s Regional Director for the Americas, 

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