May 2024

Tricon Launches Supplier Incentive Program

At Tricon, we believe in a collaborative approach to environmental sustainability and shared responsibility for climate impacts and solutions. Our Supplier Incentive Program is designed to enhance sustainability and increase transparency within the chemical value chain by encouraging and assisting our key suppliers in calculating and disclosing their product carbon footprint (PCF), which refers to the total greenhouse gas emissions caused to produce a product.

In partnership with third-party experts, like ClimeCo, the program provides resources and incentives to suppliers to share primary PCF data and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient chemical industry.

Incentive Options Offered to Suppliers

  • Training Resources: Suppliers can access materials and workshops on PCF calculation and verification to ensure accuracy and reliability in their reporting
  • Consultancy and Software Services: ClimeCo expert consultants and advanced software are available to support suppliers in calculation and disclosure of their PCF
  • Certification and Verification Resources: To further enhance data quality, suppliers can obtain certification or undergo verification processes
  • Financial Incentives: Purchase price rebates and adjustments are available to encourage suppliers to participate and disclose their PCF
  • Access to Decarbonization Services: Suppliers can receive discounts or preferential access to third-party services that help reduce carbon emissions or remove carbon from the atmosphere

Benefits for Suppliers

By participating in the program, suppliers can access free resources to help them calculate their PCF, verify a PCF, or identify decarbonization opportunities. These services can help:

  • Identify focus areas for reducing emissions – and potentially costs
  • Meet current or upcoming requirements from customers to provide PCF data
  • Prepare for existing and future regulations related to climate and emissions disclosures
  • Meet expectations from banks, investors, or other financial institutions who analyze climate data

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