March 2018

Marhaba! Our new Dubai Office opens

After 3 years of formation, envisaged as a small subsidiary office, the Dubai office has evolved as a full fledged office encompassing the Polymers & Chemicals trade covering the Africa’s, Middle East & the Asian regions for the company.

With a blend of talented young traders & experienced hands, the office will be the center of new initiatives in the Africa’s & South East Asia for polymers along with the global Polyester chain business. The thrust on the growing Aromatics, Acetyls & Solvents business, with the ever growing capacities & demand in the region will also be centered from the office . Dubai, offers a unique geographical advantage with proximity of the steadily growing markets of Africa & Asia as well as the matured production centers of Europe.
With the well knit shipping routes & as a hub of the ever expanding manufacturing base in the middle east, Dubai is emerging as a trading center for physical movement of both Polymers & Chemical business & as a center of activity for a spectrum of product lines . Poised to be the new cradle of production for Petrochemicals, Polymer & allied products production with its competitive feedstock pricing & mega plants giving it an edge on economies of scale the entire region including, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman & U.A.E are offering a gamut of products not just for the PetChem business but also for the Fertilizer Intermediate, Fuel & the solid bulk business . Volumes for Tricon from the region are envisaged to all most double with every year as new capacities come on line with the mega thrust on the production.
With fast growing consuming economies such India, Bangladesh & Pakistan in the vicinity & African markets with their rising demand along the trade routes, the geography of the office offers a full coverage of Tricon’s thrust areas.
With a well rounded team of 11 traders, Tricon is well poised to explore the opportunities of the new world & markets & make a strong stamp of presence in the high growth markets.
Located in the bustling Jumeriah Lakes Towers area, the office offers a robust working environment with an opportunity to be in close contact with the leaders of the industry at close quarters & also a comfortable living for the traders & families.

Tricon new Dubai office team photo

New Dubai office Tricon team

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