Value We Add

At Tricon, we endeavor to exceed the expectations of our clientele. With our professional services, both suppliers and customers will see added value and a streamlined supply chain.

To ensure quality services, we employ teams of market experts, across the globe. This has allowed us to connect over 1,000 customers with 400 suppliers in 100 different countries. To remain an industry leader, we have developed specialized departments to guarantee an efficient transaction. The key aspects we focus on include:

Solid market intelligence begins with strong business relationships. Each transaction we complete is done with the highest regard to the needs, desires, and expectations of all parties involved.

To add value to the operation, we monitor global and domestic markets and participants, even those with whom we currently do not conduct business. Not only does this information provide us with key market analysis, it also allows us to have foresight into the future of our industry.

At Tricon, we have essential insight into import and export regulations. This unique understanding, along with our continual analysis of global operating costs and prices, allows us to facilitate transactions with efficiency and precision. By balancing market risk with cost, our clients can expect added value.

Our financing options truly set us apart in the industry. We provide credit to our clients, assume the risk of the transaction, and deal with any financial difficulties. When we take care of the details, suppliers and customers can focus on their core business. With the savings generated through this process, we are able to pass extra value onto our clients.

At Tricon, we take pride in our reliable movement of commodities. Because of our high volumes in international trade, we are able to negotiate lower freight costs, which allows us to offer competitive pricing.

We can operate under a diverse set of contractual conditions and can also accommodate a variety of delivery options. Our expert operations team arranges the transportation, monitors movements, maintains a schedule, and acts as a liaison for customers throughout the process.