Distribution of commodities is at the heart of our company. Our unique distribution network allows us to provide services to a wide spectrum of businesses. With our growing distribution branches, we have become involved with industry leading producers and consumers, worldwide. Our expanding international reach has allowed us to provide the highest quality services to our clientele.

Our vast knowledge of international markets, including costs and prices of commodities, has allowed us to successfully serve our clients for over 20 years. This experience has given us the foresight into the future of the industry. In the ever-changing and fast-paced world of international trade and distribution, we understand the need to keep up with market demands both globally and domestically. As such, one of our main goals is to meet our clients expectations through commercial growth.

As we develop our global network, we have had the opportunity to perfect our offerings, while cultivating new professional opportunities. Because of our excellent business practices, we have been able to address the needs and desires of companies throughout the commodities industry. Today, at Tricon, we provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Traditional bulk freight and large transactions;
  • Smaller scale deliveries;
  • Enhanced financing options;
  • Comprehensive stocked inventories;
  • Access to niche markets;
  • Superior risk management;
  • Industry-leading market intelligence;
  • Reliable, end-to-end operations, including shipping and logistics; and
  • Deeper penetration into the consumer industry.

To maintain a global presence, we have developed wholly owned subsidiaries that focus on specialty markets. When we delve into new markets, we do so with the goal of expanding our services to suppliers and customers. Through our market knowledge, we are able to assess the most valuable areas in which to expand. As such, since 2008, we have developed auxiliary distribution branches in several countries, including:

  • Brazil;
  • Chile;
  • Colombia;
  • Mexico; and
  • Turkey.

This expansion has helped us meet market needs and desires in a way that no other company in our industry can offer. Our subsidiaries operate independently, but benefit from Tricon’s global trading network, financial resources, and broad market knowledge. These groups offer liquid chemicals, specialty products, and various polymers in their respective regions.

At Tricon, we know the importance of staying on the leading edge of our industry. As such, we will continually strive to achieve our goals. By offering an array of distribution options across the globe, we are able to serve the broadest range of clients throughout the commodities industry.



Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.

-Vincent Van Gogh